The Ultimate “On POINT”
30-Day Challenge

Do you need a strategic plan
for your organization but are
unsure of where to start?

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Who should attend:
This training is designed for leaders destined about meeting and exceeding goals and objectives for their organization. However, anyone can attend.

Training Dates: 
Beginning March 1st
In 30 Days, you can have an “On POINT” plan for your team.
Training Schedule & Training Tools 
This guide is going to help you set up your strategic plan within 30 days, given you spend at least 30 minutes of your day on each task. Check the boxes in the monthly calendar or on the list of activities to keep you on track for this “On POINT” Strategic  Planning Challenge.
Given you spend at least 30 minutes a day completing each task, you will find that your strategic plan is done right away. Your  schedule for the month involves interactive activities.
  • Guidebook
  • You will be using a guidebook designed especially for this training. It will take you day-by-day, step-by-step to a secure strategic plan. 
  • Templates for you to fill out
    where you will complete a set of task designed for you as you learn the "On POINT: 6 Steps To Set Up A Strategic Plan That Works.
  • Your personally designed checklist will keep you on track for this awesome adventure.
Additional Training Information
What you will need to do to complete this challenge:
1. Review your educational resources provided.
  • “On POINT: 6 Steps To Set Up A Strategic Plan That Works!
  • The Ultimate “On POINT” Guide: How To Secure a Strategic Plan to Reach Your Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Goals.
2. Set aside time on your schedule to work on these tasks.
3. Use the attached complimentary eBook to accomplish each day’s journey.
4. Submit your completed templates to me at my email address below if you want me to look them over. My Email address is:
5. Schedule your one time “Meet & Greet” with Author Stephanie Tatum TODAY by going to:
You will learn about strategic planning and its importance. I will introduce you to the six steps in creating a strategic plan that works. We will discuss administrative, fiscal, operational, and logistical challenges you have seen occur or may occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis within your organization. We will examine ways strategic planning will help to alleviate or eliminate these occurrences.
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A strategic plan is a written document composed of
all the goals of your organization and how to achieve them.

Training Objectives

By the end of the challenge, you will be able to:
   1. Explain steps for developing a strategic plan.
   2. Describe the organization.
   3. Explain the purpose, mission, vision, goals, and objectives for the organization.
   4. Identify actions steps for each goal.
   5. Incorporate a timeline for each goal.
   6. Select staff to complete goals per the timeline.
   7. Decide your marketing methods for sharing your strategic plan.
   8. List systems for reviewing and updating the strategic plan.
   9. Determine a method for implementing your plan.

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The training will teach you:

1.  What is strategic planning?
2.  Why is strategic planning important?
3.  How will a strategic plan benefit you?
4.  What are the advantages of having a strategic plan for you, your organization, or
     your business, and what are the consequences of not having one?
5.  What are the steps to put your strategic plan together.
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Oct. 18 - 22, 2021
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. noon (EST)

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Strategies By Stephanie
Helping to identify and solve administrative, fiscal, and operational problems within your organization. 

Who Should Attend:
This training is designed for organizational leaders, however, I've found that everyone can benefit by gaining knowledge of the importance of strategic planning.


I am so excited that you have decided to sign-up for this training. I truly believe this training is for the masses because living and leading without strategic direction hampers reaching all goals, objectives, and your mission. I created this training to provide leaders another opportunity to become better leaders by learning the steps necessary to develop a unique strategic plan. My vision is that you will create direction for those who follow you.