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6 Steps To Set Up A Strategic Plan That Works

By: Stephanie Tatum
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Foreword By Dr. Beverly A. Bryant

Founder and professor of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Administration,
North Carolina Central University

As a university educator and administrator for over forty-one years, it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the work and dream of my undergraduate student, graduate student, and mentee for over thirty years, Mrs. Stephanie Council Tatum. The author of the book brings over thirty years of diversified experiences in educating, programming and training different populations. As a leader, she has created policies and procedures, strategic plans, standard operating systems for state and federal organizations.  She passionately walks you through a tried and proven user-friendly system of developing a customized strategic plan for your organization that works. No more stressing and long unproductive hours, you have found your answer. So, journey with her as you explore how to be Top of the Top, the most you can be and On POINT with planning your strategic plan. 
“Powerful, practical, and solid advice on organization and organizational strategies with confidence. What a fantastic, straightforward, and honest book. I’ll be recommending it to all my colleagues. Stephanie Tatum has written a blueprint for organizational success.”
 — Robyn Singletary-Chung, BBA, MLS, M.Ed., head librarian of Chantilly High School 
“I believe God has orchestrated Stephanie's on-point thoughts in On POINT because they mirror the image of how Jesus Christ leads. I love this book for how it will be a blessing to leaders who are looking for results that matter.”
— Star Sampson, retired principal of Durham Public Schools 
“On POINT: Six Steps to Set Up a Strategic Plan That Works is a useful tool for people like me. I am a human resources professional and the points made in the book are useful in my field. This book is a must-read and must-have for anyone who wants the perfect strategic-plan building tool kit.”
— Stacey C. Flood, M.S., SHRM-CP 
“I love the way Stephanie pulls you in and makes you feel that she is speaking directly to you. The examples she gives from experiences with her family, teaching, and life experiences brought the lessons of creating a strategic plan home. I wish I had the tools that Stephanie presented when I served in the capacity of project manager and I know that my coworkers would have benefited from the On POINT System. I will be suggesting that future strategic planning teams read this informative book.”
 — Dawn Lovette Tabon, supervisor of systems programming at  North Carolina School District 
“I wholeheartedly endorse On POINT: Six Steps to Set Up a Strategic Plan That Works. Strategic organization is vital to winning, and in order to win one must embrace and adopt guiding principles for the win. This is it!”
— Dr. Derek (Doc) Worley, senior negotiator of Barnabas 3G Capital Private Equity Group   
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