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Steps to "OnPOINT" Leadership

Introducing On POINT to Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan for your organization is not that hard to do with a user-friendly system. Your dream is to have a strategic plan that works. This can be completed using six steps to set up internal systems to achieve desired outcomes. A strategic plan identifies your organization's purpose, goals, action steps, and a system to update the plan. This book helps leaders of organizations develop systems for achieving desired outcomes. It provides steps to ease the stress of developing a strategic plan and offers
  • Tools to use to develop a strategic plan
  • Examples of outlining an organization description
  • Points for planning, organizing, implementing, networking, and telling your story
  • Steps for identifying your purpose, mission, vision, goals, and objectives
  • Templates for action steps for each goal and objective
  • Guidelines for creating a timeline
  • Direction in selecting team members to complete tasks
  • Systems for reviewing your strategic plan
  • Ideas for future strategies of organizational leadership